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"Our goal is to provide electrical service of such high quality and lasting value that you will no longer consider any other provider. We refer to our patrons as clients rather than merely customers" .
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We believe that the most important aspect to electrical work is planning. It takes a great plan to achieve great results. With the number of options available on most projects, we take the time to fully explain the possibilities so that our clients can help formulate the plan to best realize their vision.  Let's get started on building your vision today!
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Building the Future 

We keep apprised of the latest technologies available in the ever-changing electrical industry. From whole house automation to an astronomical solar based timer for controlling a single lighting load, we research the best solution for your needs.

With over 18 years in the electrical industry, we know what products have stood the test of time and which to avoid. Let us put our experience to work for you to save you time money and frustration and get it right the first time. 

Pride in Workmanship
Our belief is that there is only one way to accomplish a project. Use the right material, procure it at the right price and install it with the finest craftsmanship. Anything less than that and we are not satisfied, so why would we expect anything less of our client?  Unless it is your line of work, sometimes the quality of an install is not always apparent. 

It is our business to leave every project with the knowledge that we have done our very best. We rely on this ethic to build our business on direct referrals and repeat business from our current clients.

We guarantee that you will be thoroughly satisfied with your finished project. If for any reason you are not, we will make it right.  
All work carries a one year warranty for both material we supply and workmanship.
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